Stornaustet Restaurant

Kitchen open all days 12-21

Local food of high quality

Enjoy local food in a beautiful setting at Sommaroy. Our restaurant is by the sea and serves delicious food with ingrediens from the Arctic. We have our own import of vine from Massimago, a small farm above Verona, Italy. Most of our dishes has a vine from Massimago paired, ask for the waiters favourite.

Massimago vineyards, Italy.


Homemade cured meat of lamb, pork and game meat served with aioli and crispbread

Contains milk and eggs.

Kr 135,-

Lightly smoked reindeer mousse with fresh salad, cranberry marmalade, herb oil and bread chips

Contains gluten and lactose-free milk.

Kr 139,-

Smoked salmon tartare with ponzu sauce and sea weed

Contains fish and soya.

Kr 139,-


Garlic bread.

Contains gluten.

Kr 25,-

Grilled focaccia

Contains gluten.

Kr 25,-

Small dishes

Focaccia with cured ham, pesto, manchego, salad, cucumber and tomato

Contains gluten, milk and pine nuts.

Kr 145,-

Focaccia with smoked salmon, salad and scrambled eggs

Contains fish and milk.

Kr 135,-

Homemade fish soup

Contains fish and lactose-free milk.

Kr 165,-

Salad with turkey breast, feta cheese, pesto and aioli

Contains milk, eggs and pine nuts.

Kr 165,-

200 gr hamburger with pickled red onion, salad, cucumber, tomato, aioli and french fries

Contains milk, eggs and gluten.

Add cheese 15,- | Add bacon 25,- | Extra aioli 20,-

Kr 189,-

Eat inside our restaurant or enjoy food at the pier just by the water.

Main course

Veal chuck roll with vegetables, parsnip purée, fried potato and truffle demi-glace

Contains lactose-free milk.

Kr 325,-

Oved baked halibut with sauteed vegetables, pickled red onion, potato bag and shell fish sauce

Contains fish, shell fish, gluten and lactose-free milk.

Kr 335,-

Pestobaked salmon with carrot pureé, panko baked mashed potatoes, vegetables and saffron sauce

Contains fish, gluten, pine nuts and lactose-free milk.

Kr 295,-

Pasta carbonara with homemade bacon, manchego and pepper

Contains gluten, eggs and milk

Kr 169,-

Panko fried pork cheeks with sweet potato purée, cranberry marmalade, potato-and cured ham terrine and red wine glace

Contains gluten and lactose-free milk

Kr 285,-

Homemade cured meats and selection of cheese served with pesto, aioli, olives, pickled red onions and crisp bread

Contains milk, eggs and pine nuts.

Kr 265,-


Soy beef with vegetables, phyllo potato, pesto and carrot purée

Contains gluten, pine nuts and lactose-free milk.

Kr 195,-

Vegetarian burger with soy beef, salad, pickled red onion, cucumber, tomato, aioli and french fries

Contains gluten, milk and eggs

Kr 185,-

Pasta with vegetables and pesto

Contains gluten and pine nuts.

Kr 165,-

Fresh salad with feta cheese

Kr. 145,-

Children’s menu

Sausage with french fries

Kr 65,-

Children's burger with bread and french fries

Contains gluten.

Kr 85,-

Toast with cheese and ham

Contains gluten and milk.

Kr 69,-


Norwegian waffle with sour cream and jam

Contains milk, gluten and eggs.

Kr 50,-

Danish pastry

Contains milk and gluten.

Kr 45,-

Homemade sorbet with fresh berries

Kr 85,-

Vanilla creme brulet with cloudberry marmalade

Contains lactose-free milk.

Kr 95,-

French confectionary cake with homemade sorbet

Contains milk, gluten and eggs.

Kr 95,-