Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Tromsø

Sauna and sea bath

Free for staying guests.

Sauna inside the hotel is for free use for our guests. Up to 15 people sit here comfortably and can enjoy the view of the lagoon outside, where it is also possible to go for a swim. Meet your inner Viking in the sea, summertime around 11 degrees celcius. Adjacent to the sauna there are showers, toilets and changing rooms. Our sauna is located next to the Wine Lounge. These two rooms together are perfect for lovely tapas, good drinks and nice atmosphere.

Bathhouse by the sea

Kr. 250,- per person. Rental period two hours.

In our delicious bathing house, up to 12 people enjoy the hot tub and sauna. The bath house is located close to the lagoon and here you can try Northern Norwegian bathing temperatures. There are high tables and bar stools for serving food and drink. The bath house must be ordered in advance, send an e-mail to resepsjon@sommaroy.no

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Outdoor Jacuzzi

Kr. 250,- per person, max 1500,- per Jacuzzi. Rental period two hours.

We have two outdoor jacuzzis by the lagoon, space for six to eight people. Here, too, you can test the Northern Norwegian bathing temperatures. When renting a jacuzzi, changing rooms inside the hotel are used. Jacuzzi must be ordered in advance, send an e-mail to resepsjon@sommaroy.no


Panorama windows and high roof offer beautiful views of the sea and the Senja mountains. The room is rented out for private events and is suitable for up to 15 people. There is the possibility of setting for fine-dining, tapas or wine or snack. If you are lucky in winter, the northern lights dance together with the flames in our beautiful fireplace. Try our own import of wine from Massimago for the right mood.
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Restaurant Stornaustet

Stornaustet restaurant offers high quality local food. Open to all (also non staying guests) 12-21 seven days a week. Here you will find a rich a la carte menu and good drinks, much is homemade here at the house. Stornaustet consists of two separate rooms, where it can be opened up between. This means the possibility of closed company for groups. In addition to the a la carte menu, we compose special menus for groups and companies, such as company parties, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
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Stay in hotel, sea house or apartments.


10 meeting rooms from 2 to 200.

Meeting rooms

Coomon areas


Food / menu


We love parties! Weddings, birthdays, family gatherings and all what worth to celebrate in life.



Kitchen open all days 12 – 21

Our a la carte restaurant serves nice food from the area. We also have special menus for parties and celebration.

Menu a la carte

Menu special