We are open Hotel open 24/7 Kitchen all days 12-21.30

Picture shot at midnight from Ørnfløya hill


We are open Hotel open 24/7 Kitchen all days 12-21.30

Picture shot exactly at midnight from Ørnfløya hill


Midnight sun is visible above the horizon around the clock from 18th May to 22nd July. Even a month before and after this period, it is bright nights and lovely deep orange evenings. Sommarøy, the most western point in Tromsø municipality, is one of the few places where you could see the sun dance along the horizon, thanks to the view to open sea.

The Arctic route

Tromsø - Sommarøy - Senja - Vesterålen - Lofoten

Tromsø - Sommarøy - Senja - Vesterålen - Lofoten

Arctic Route links Sommarøy with Tromsø, Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten daily, except Sundays. Traveling to Sommarøy is now more convenient with day trips from Tromsø departing at 8:45 a.m. and returning at 7:10 p.m., arriving in Tromsø at 8:25 p.m.

Arctic route operates 15th June - 31st August

Night hike

The sun is up around the clock, enjoy the easy way of living without the pressure of time. Stay awake under the Midnight sun and get inspired with view to fjords, arctic beaches and mountains.




Sommarøy is just big enough to walk around the island in two hours. The Sommarøy Bridge connects us to Kvaløya and the trip from Tromsø Airport takes you through beautiful Arctic fjord and mountain scenery for 55 km. Out here, at the far end of the Arctic ocean, you will find a vibrant fishing village where people live, this is not Disneyland.

The Arctic Caribbean

BIG Adventures

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Our a la carte restaurant serves nice food from the area. We also have special menus for parties and celebration.

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